Wednesday July 13, 2011

This week is moving along just as we had hoped it would. Both girls have been spending time with their friends, and Shannon and I have also taken on a project - redecorating her room. I was covered in paint from head to toe today. Tomorrow we shop for accessories!

The maintenance dose of chemo is going fine. We wouldn't necessarily expect any side effects this soon, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. We have an appointment on Friday to check Shannon's weight again and hopefully get clearance for more activity next week. Today she and her buddies watched the Women's World Cup and then walked to Kwik Trip for ice cream. That was the most activity she's had in two and a half weeks and it definitely tired her out a bit. It's going to take time to get her strength back.

Now that we are home for a few weeks, we are having meals delivered again. It's such a kind gesture and it frees us up to enjoy our days since we're not spending time preparing meals. (If you know me, that last sentence made you laugh because I never spend time preparing meals. Never. Seriously. Thank goodness I have a husband that can cook!)

So today we: entertained friends, painted a bedroom, assembled and installed a closet organizing system, mowed the lawn, and ate a turkey dinner complete with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy! An all around good day ...