Friday August 12, 2011

I asked a friend today - if you knew all your relationships were temporary, would you go about your business any differently?  That's where I have been living this week and I have to say I have had a pretty terrific week.

Of course, all our relationships are temporary.  Life is temporary.  Somehow I am at peace with that reality tonight as I write this entry on the eve of my 48th birthday. 

Surrender?  No chance.  Give up hope?  No way.  But acceptance of our circumstances is bringing me peace at this stage of our journey.

And with Erin in Wisconsin with Grandma and her Harkins cousins, Jen and I have been enjoying our Shannon time.  The kid is funny - just a joy to hang out with.

We squeezed in a workout at the RAC, shot some pucks,  enjoyed slices at Mr. Pizza and went skate shopping.  We were planning to trade up for another set of used skates but ended up having Shannon fitted for a brand new set of Bauer Vapors - her first pair of new hockey skates. Thanks to our buddy Bob at Shoot n' Save for making us a deal we couldn't refuse.

After shopping we napped around while watching the PGA Championship.  Then we played nine holes together.

Shannon did not play very well but hit the pin on the par-3 17th at Willow Creek and made the three-footer for her second career birdie. Jen and I were OK on the golf course but loving our Friday night together and not too concerned about good and bad shots.

Perhaps that is why I am in a grateful mood tonight.  Life is good.  And Saturday is my birthday and I get to play golf  while Jen and Shannon paint a bathroom.