Monday August 8, 2011

The good news - we don't have to return to Mayo any more this week, just as we had hoped. One and done. The bad news - a couple of blips today that sent Shannon's mood headed south.

First, her weight was down a couple of pounds so she was reminded to keep snacking and keep the weight on. Shannon explained that she has been active and working out and losing a couple of pounds was just fine with her. She wants to feel lean and strong. Losing weight is not an option, though, so a milkshake is in her future tonight.

The second blip was the news that we won't be tapering the steroids during this week because of the Temodar. The doctors don't want to make any medication changes that could muddy the waters during the chemo weeks. We were also told that they may keep Shannon on a small dose of steroids for quite a while. That really bummed her out. Shannon thought the taper would continue every 5 days, and in her mind, she was going to be off the steroids for 10 days before school started. She was hoping that the steroid rash on her face would be cleared up before she hit the halls for eighth grade. It's not bad enough to have a brain tumor, she gets puffy cheeks and acne as a bonus.

So, I did what any reasonable mom would do when her child is down in the dumps - I took her to the store and bought her some stuff. Some new crackle nail polish and a new neon sports bra helped her feel a little bit better. Retail therapy at it's finest!

Despite things not going exactly as she had hoped today, Shannon's still got some spunk. She's currently yelling at the Twins on TV. Same as it ever was...