Wednesday August 17, 2011

It is early in the am and I am up prepping for our trip to the lake. The weather looks pretty good and the girls are very excited to head to one of their favorite places on earth.

Yesterday's checkup went well - the blood counts are good and the weight is holding steady - even up another pound. Shannon's been working out hard, so she feels like if she's gaining weight, it might be from adding muscle. The Temodar has definitely made Shannon feel fatigued. She told me "I could just sleep all day" which is fine during summer vacation, but may present some challenges once the school year starts.

The approaching school year is causing Shannon some great anxiety. While Erin is quite excited to head back to school, Shannon is feeling apprehensive. The steroids have done a number on her face and the radiation did a number on her hair and now it's almost time to go walk the halls of 8th grade. No matter how many times Dan and I tell her she's doing great and she looks great all things considered, it comes down to how she feels about herself. There were tears yesterday as she let it all out.

So, hopefully a trip to Lake Hubert will brighten her spirits and help us all recharge are batteries before we head into the start of the school year.