Late Night Update

We have written before about how touched we are by the kindness of others. Today that kindness came from one of our doctors. Dr. Keating saw that Shannon's MRI results had come back so she took a look at the scan. Happy with what she saw, she wondered who had shared the results with us. She pulled up Shannon's record and saw that we weren't due to get results until Tuesday. At 4:40pm on a Friday afternoon, Dr. Keating took the time to pick up the phone and put our minds at ease. She said she wanted to help alleviate our PMS: Post-MRI Syndrome - where patients and their families are filled with anxiety while they wait for the results!

We will have more facts to share after our Tuesday appointments with Dr. Rao and Dr. Laack, but a late afternoon call from Dr. Keating let us know that treatment continues to show good results, and that's making for a happy weekend at the O'Hara household.