Monday August 22, 2011

Just another Monday...

We are living life to its fullest up here in Nisswa.  Just the four of us, Sunny the dog, and no agenda.

We spent our Sunday morning worship in Lake Hubert.  Calm, crystal clear waters, sunshine, treading in the deep water on noodles, hangin' out on the beach.  No doubt, God was smiling down.

Then our friends down the beach at the Gustafson cabin up fired up the Glastron and offered the girls their first attempts at water skiing.  Shannon and Erin are veteran tubers but have never attempted old school water skiing.  So after a few attempts:

From skiing we took advantage of free golf at the Garden Course at Grand View where Shannon, Jen and I hit the ball around while Erin played Annie Leibovitz with her new camera.  Lots of laughs...not funny was that Jen clipped me by a shot while Shannon posted a respectable 43.

From golf we drove to find dinner on the opposite side of Gull Lake from Brainerd Int'l Raceway where the annual drag races were pouring out onto Hwy 371.  Steer clear.  We settled on an early dinner at Bar Harbor with the blue hairs and reloaded on sweets at the Chocolate Ox on the way back to the lake. 

The day was topped off watching a kids' choice movie; Soul Surfer about surfer Brittany Hamilton who lost an arm - and almost her life - in a shark attack.  I was not ready to emote, but this story took me there as the family rallied around this determined and stubborn young lady who reminded me of Shannon in so many ways.  The family dealt with grief and faced their tragedy together in different ways...but together.  Also, reminded me of our little unit.  Some did better than others :)   In the end of course, Brittany triumphs and inspires and leaves you feeling hopeful.

Jen checked in at Mayo Clinic Hematology this morning and Shannon's steroid dosage was reduced by another 0.5 mg.  Getting closer to steroid free.  Feeling hopeful today.  And two more days in paradise with a forecast that could not be any better.  Live high!