Tuesday August 16, 2011

We are going to have a busy final day before vacation.  This morning we are going to weigh in at Mayo 16 and check blood counts after Shannon's second round of maintenance chemo.  We expect that the counts will be good because Shannon has been feeling good.  We will see one of our doctors.  We will update later.

Shannon wants to do her own Myth Busters experiment with the scale at Mayo 16 and the scale at the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC).  At the RAC last week she was pumped when she hit 92.  Today she wants to find out if the scales say the same thing so she can monitor her weight after workouts at the RAC.

Her workout routine has been intense.  Monday she walked 9 holes with her golf league in the morning.  Then she put her soccer gear on and worked on moves, kicked the ball and ran the hills in our yard until her cheeks were red.  Then Monday night we hiked around the reservoir with our friends the Grafstroms.

She was really pumped to see Jim Thome hit his 600th homer.  Shortly after, she lied down in our bed and the next thing we knew she was out.  Never moved her.  The 2nd round of Temodar in her maintenance dosage (260mg) has tired her out.  She has napped more.  But she's tolerated it pretty well.  Eight more cycles to go.  (5 days on, 23 days off)

We are reaching the end of our summer and we are looking to restore order, normalcy and routine to our lives.  When we return from Lake Hubert we will have a few days to prepare for the start of school. 

Ellen Wente delivered our last meal Monday and it was fabulous (a secret family recipe Lasagna, salad, watermelon, bread and a mocha ice cream pie that had no chance of survival).  Ellen ran the point on our meal program along with Amy Pankow as they coordinated families and food that have been delivered to our home since May.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we had a home cooked meal delivered.  I wish I could list off all the families that stepped up for us.  Incredible generosity of time and talent.  We always seemed to get every family's favorite meal.

But it is time to restore order, normalcy and routine to our lives.  The meal program has meant the world to us.  After Shannon's diagnosis we lost our energy and creativity in the kitchen.  I'm a bit of a foodie and love to create...but I just lost my desire. 

Our favorite line over these last months as the clock hit 5:00pm on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday; "The food window is open, look for cars!"  So all we can say to that is a giant THANKS!  Way to pay-it-forward people.  We wish we could have a giant banquet to say thanks back-at-ya.  Maybe some day.

Time to pack...