Tuesday August 2, 2011

August brings one of those tasks by which us moms mark time - shopping for school supplies. Erasers and pencils and markers and folders and just the perfect binder. It only took 5 different stores to almost complete this task. If we could just find the elusive yellow notebook, we'd be set!

Our appointments yesterday went well. Shannon's weight is back to where it was the day she was diagnosed and her bloodwork was good. Shannon enjoyed sharing the gifts she had brought back from San Fran with her medical team - some sourdough bread, some Ghirardelli chocolate, and a picture of Shannon behind bars at Alcatraz.

The only part of the appointment that didn't go as we had hoped was the tapering of the steroids. Shannon wants to get off the steroids ASAP, but her medical team is taking it slow - going down just a half a milligram every 5 to 7 days. Shannon is feeling good and not experiencing many headaches and they don't want her to take any steps backwards. With this cautious approach, it will take about a month to completely taper off the steroids.

Shannon's energy continues to build and she's gaining steam this week - working on her golf game and her fitness. She's thinking about this year's hockey season and next year's golf season. I have to keep reminding myself, it's ok for her to think that way. She can until she can't, right?

As Shannon is gaining steam, I am lying awake at night. Things are going well, so it must be time to fret! I am thinking about Wednesday's neuro-opthamology appointment and Thursday's neuro exam and next week's chemo and this year's hockey season and next year's golf season... I guess I haven't quite mastered the concept of staying in the present.

But, if practice makes perfect, I'm bound to improve because this is how it is and how it will be: the calendar will be filled with appointments and medications, but that doesn't need to keep us from enjoying today. Today was a good day and tomorrow can be one, too...