March 9th / Scholarship Fund Update

The people in my house are happy it's Friday. A long week of travels for Dan and a busy week of activity for Erin are coming to a close. I've been fighting a doozie of a head cold that's kept my eyes watering and my nose running, but at least it's made my voice sound really sexy! We don't have a lot on our agenda for the weekend, which is just fine with all of us.

It's seems silly that just a couple of weeks ago I was worried that Erin and I would have too much idle time on our hands once basketball season ended. Ha! This week she started a new sport with two volleyball practices, resumed piano lessons for the first time in 5 months, had a friend over to hang out one afternoon, and did her water girl duty at the last home game for the Mayo boys basketball team. Erin has kept us busy and busy is good.

She is really liking volleyball, but what's not to like: time spent with your buddies and a cool coach who makes it fun, so she wants to stick with it for this spring season. Of course, a new sport requires some new gear, so we will be shopping this weekend! Glad to do it - I'd buy that kid the world if I could...

I find myself thinking about this shift in priorities for Erin. She was always our child who wanted down time and just needed to chill out at home. As we've said before, she's finding less satisfaction in that because it's less fun doing it all alone. But, I think there's something else. I think she learned from Shannon that making connections with others makes the world a happier place. Spending time with good friends makes for good fun. Erin has had to grow up so quickly and navigate a path that no one wants to travel. But, seeing her laugh and smile at volleyball practice or confidently make her way around the Mayo gymnasium during the boys basketball game gives me hope that she's got the chops to survive this.

That leads me to thinking about myself and my own path. I, too, learned something from Shannon about sharing yourself with the world. I never would have believed that my circle of friends and acquaintances would expand the way it has. A definite silver lining to this tragedy. It took me almost 43 years to learn that if you look for the good in people and are open to sharing yourself with others, friendship and love can come your way. My 13 year old taught me that. What a gift ...

Speaking of that 13 year old, here's the long promised information on how to donate to the scholarship fund in her memory. I have also added it to the sidebar on this blog, so you can access it any time.

Checks can be made payable to:

Fidelity Charitable Account #1045621
Note in the memo area: Shannon O'Hara Scholarship Fund

Mail your donation to:

Fidelity Charitable
P.O. Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053

You will then receive a confirmation from Fidelity of your tax deductible donation. If you have questions or are looking to donate by transferring funds or stocks or bonds, you can call 1-800-262-6039 to inquire about other donation methods.

This feels really good to get this up and running. Shannon didn't get the chance to pursue her dreams, but if we can help others do it in her memory, that feels right. We are well on our way to handing out those first scholarships in the spring of 2013. Thank you to those of you who want to help with that goal. We will do good things in honor of Shannon the Cannon.