Tuesday March 13, 2012

You know that first perfect day of spring?  The one where everyone in the neighborhood is out and about.  Grills are smoking all through the neighborhood.  That was today all across the frozen prairie.  Just shy of 70 degrees, sunny, no wind and no clouds.

I remember making bad choices on these kinds of days in college.  Dang, that was great.

25 years later I am making more responsible choices but these kinds of days still trigger all sorts of happy memories.  For many reasons, we choose to live in the north - for me - this is where my family is.  This is what I know.  There are some brutal days to endure in the winter.  Almost fascinating that nature can be so harsh.

But when spring has sprung it is as though we find another gear.  Hope springs eternal.  The only thing missing is one Shannon Anne O'Hara.

Time to put burgers and brats on the grill for three.  So grateful for what I have.  What I have had in this life.  Grateful that another cruel winter is history.