Saturday March 24, 2012

Our unseasonably warm temps mixed with some rain this week and that has turned things green seemingly overnight. Our lawn is growing like crazy, but I refuse to mow the grass while the calendar still says March! Now, I'm not complaining - the early spring weather has given us the ability to get outside often and feel the sun on our faces. If ever there was a year we needed that, this is it.

Dan and I find ourselves looking at each other as if to check and say, "We're doing pretty well, aren't we?" Dan admits that he wakes up every day and thinks about Shannon, but why wouldn't he? Maybe it's the universe's way of reminding us to get up and live. Thinking of Shannon reminds us that is what she would want us to do.

So, we are living.

Erin spent last night doing what it seems every teen/tween in the country was doing: going to see the movie Hunger Games. She left with a purse full of candy and a blanket she planned to use to cover her eyes when necessary. She came home saying it was the best movie she's ever seen. After seeing some violent and scary images, we asked her if she wanted to sleep with one of us, but she said, "No, I'm fine. I'm just going to sleep on the couch with a little light on." Feeling pretty secure I would say...

Dan finished one busy work week and another one is ahead. Hopefully he can have a relaxing weekend here in between. No doubt he's working hard partly as a coping mechanism to keep his mind busy, but also because he is the breadwinner for our family and that's not a job he takes lightly. Hard work produces results and results produce income! We try to remain grateful for that.

I had an interesting week as I explored what might be next for me. A meeting with a publishing company initiated talk of how to take this blog and possibly make it into a book. Exciting and scary to think about and, truth be told, a little bit out of my comfort zone. But a friend reminded me that you have to press forward and try things you've never tried before in order to grow.

Some days are still better than others, but we continue to try and forge ahead, each of us, in our own way. While we will never move on, we can move forward ...