Cinco de Mayo

Another busy day in the life of Erin Irene.  Dan and I are just along for the ride...

We picked her up from a sleepover and she was dressed and ready for soccer action.  The Thunderbolts performance today, well, next subject... when the other team scores 11 seconds into the game, you're in trouble.  Maybe it was the coaching.

A quick change of uniform and footwear and it was off to the volleyball center for a one day tournament.  Erin played in 4 matches and her team won the last three in a row to take first place in the silver bracket.  Erin is soaking up every minute of the time spent learning a new sport and being with her pals.

There was awful news this week in a nearby community with the suicide of a 13 year old girl who was being bullied.  Dan and I have been struggling with that.  So angry on one hand, because our kid would have given anything for more time on this earth. But also, feeling sad for a kid who felt so hopeless and alone.

Hearing news like that makes me even more grateful for what I saw today - 11 Thunderbolts cheering each other on, even as they were getting their asses kicked.  Then 11 South Side Juniors doing the same thing at volleyball.  Spending energy picking each other up instead of putting someone down.  So healthy and positive for those girls, and for Miss E.

Now we are home and Erin is already in her pajamas and lying in her bed, watching Netflix, quite content.  The extent of our Cinco de Mayo celebration was some chips and salsa.

Full moon tonight.  Four months tomorrow.  A third of a year without Shannon.  Can it be?