Tuesday May 29, 2012

A quick weekend recap for you:

The weather was a bit dodgy and canceled the kids run on Saturday.  Erin was disappointed, but took it in stride... (sorry, bad pun)  We made the most of the day by spending it with the O'Hara aunts and uncles and cousin Grace.  Nothing like a room full of love and laughter and a tiny bit of sarcasm to brighten a rainy day!  Erin can hold her own with anybody - from her 12 year old friend Emily to her 64 year old Uncle Mike, and everyone in between.

Sunday morning brought the half marathon and again, the weather was a factor.  Hot and windy with high humidity made running 13.1 miles a struggle.  Dan was glad his brother Tim was running along side him and keeping him going.  They didn't run as fast as they would have liked, but finishing on a day like that is an big accomplishment as far at I'm concerned.

Running for Shannon.  Of course they made it.  She wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday brought better weather and Dan was feeling good enough for he and I to play a round of golf with our friends.  For the first time this spring, Erin played some golf, too, and she liked it.  She even wanted to go out again last night and play a few more holes!  I think being around those girls on the Mayo golf team has definitely inspired her to want to be a part of that next year.  Good deal.

So, another holiday weekend is behind us.  Lots of Shannon memories from a year ago kept popping up.  Holidays bring a break from the normal routine and allow for extra family time.  So poignant for us, because our family is different now.  But, we are learning to accept that Shannon is still with us in many ways.  And that part feels good.

Tuesday is here.  Back to work, everyone.