Saturday May 26, 2012

The Memorial holiday weekend is upon us.  A huge thunderstorm over night has given way to a cooler morning.  We are hoping the next round of storms holds off until after the kids marathon today.  Erin and her friend Emily are running this morning.  They made a plan to wear their "I heart Shannon" shirts, just as they did a year ago today.  A year ago today ....

We have been reminiscing a lot about that this week.  A year ago today, Shannon was feeling so good.  We were three weeks into radiation and chemotherapy, and she was handling it all in stride.  

A year ago today, a huge family gathering took place for the first time in our journey.  We asked for support, and they all came.  

A year ago today, Shannon looked at all those kids wearing shirts in her honor and said, "I don't want to watch them run for me, I want to run with them!"  And she did.

A year ago today, Shannon sat with TV reporter Chris Conte and gave the interview where she articulated what she was feeling:  she said just wanted to be a normal kid, but she also said she wanted her life to mean something to someone, some day.  Mission accomplished.

So, it is with a bit of a heavy heart that we go out and about on this weekend.  We will have a smaller O'Hara gathering today - this time to celebrate with Mike and Megan who share this birthday.  It will be nice to be with family today.  Erin will run today in Shannon's honor.  Dan and his brother Tim will run tomorrow for the same reason.  Our memories and her spirit keep pushing us forward.