Friday May 11, 2012

We can string together some really good days and then, bam, something hits us.  It's been that kind of week.  Very productive, for the most part.  I did a lot of work on the book, and submitted my progress so far to my editor this afternoon.  A little scary for this first time author, for sure.  We've got a timeline set up and it seems like I'll be able to get my writing done on schedule, so I'm not really feeling any pressure ... yet ...

Dan had another busy work week.  Busy is good.  Erin informed me tonight that there are 18 school days left.  One more week of volleyball and one more month of soccer.  Things are speeding toward the finish line.

But today, a couple things brought us back to Shannon.

An envelope came in the mail from Shannon's science teacher, sharing his thoughts and also passing along some work that Shannon had done in his class earlier this year.  He said he hasn't been ready to let her go, but the school year is drawing to a close, so it was time.  Tears came quickly when I saw her handwriting and read the e-mail that she sent to her class from Memphis.  Shannon was letting them know she was hoping to be back to class right after winter break.  She still believed ...

Then this afternoon, Dan, Erin, and I headed out to Eastwood Golf Course to check in on the Mayo Girls golf team.  Erin has plans to be a part of that crew next year, and she already knows quite a few of the girls on the team.  E will be well taken care of next year!

We went to watch today because Shannon's good buddy Megan was getting her first chance to play in a meet, and we wanted to be there to support her.  Shannon would have been so happy for Megan.  I could almost picture Shannon rooting her on.

Watching Megan play reminded me of that day last May when Shannon competed in her one and only meet.  Megan did great, reaching her goal of breaking 60.  We felt so happy for Megan, and yet so sad that Shannon wasn't there.  For us, the tears just came.

So, now tonight the emotions are close to the surface, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Erin shared some Shannon memories with us this week, too.  It's all a part of grieving -  processing, coping, healing... remembering Shannon feels so good and so bad at the same time.