Mother's Day 2012

There is zero doubt in my mind that Shannon has delivered a final Mother's Day present to Jen; the bluest blue sky, cloudless, windless, windows open, birds chirping.  A perfect 10 tribute.

Jen has chosen to keep it low key which shouldn't surprise any of  us.  The last thing she wants is to draw attention to herself and another first.

Moms are like that.  Always thinking about the rest of the family first.  Staying below the radar.  Staying a move or two ahead of the family and its needs.  Organized.  Selfless.  Completely selfless.

So coaxing out of Jennifer what kind of day she desired was a challenge.  Finally, this morning she admitted the only thing she really wanted to do was to watch Roger Federer in the finals at Madrid.  So while doing laundry she is watching tennis.  Fresh bagels in the house.  Erin is taking care of some required reading.

Maybe a walk later together as a family of three.  Maybe some golf.  Maybe nothing at all.  A good day.

Erin and I are are grateful for Jennifer.  She's just a terrific Mom.