Sunday May 6, 2012

Today we mark four months without Shannon Anne O'Hara in our lives.  This anniversary will be impossible to forget because her death came with a full moon in the sky above.  At 4 months, a rare "Super Moon".  Anyone look ahead in the Farmer's Almanac?  Maybe we can expect a total eclipse next January 6.

The posts on Facebook today tell us Shannon's friends are marking this anniversary as well.  Pretty sweet.  They will not forget either.

Atmospherically, Shannon's influence on our world is undeniable. Last Sunday we planted a tree in her honor - fertilized with her ashes - and for the next week the snowdrift crab was nourished with sunshine and rainfall.  Almost three inches of rain in the week. Things are looking lush here on Willow Lane SW.

I tell people that ask - and thankfully they still ask often - that we are either coping well or in denial.  Among the many gifts Shannon left us - maybe the most important - was acceptance.  Accept your place in the world, embrace it, make the most of it.  Do the best you can with what you have.  What a concept.

Erin is a lot of fun to be around and her circle of friends and their families have been great for us.  We're too damn busy to be depressed.  And I can say with 100% confidence that Shannon would not allow for a pitiful existence.  So we keep plugging along...
Prayer power needed for the Wente family - pray that Kathy Green gets her Mother's Day celebration. Damn cancer.

Vikings stadium vote is Monday - Shannon loved her Vikings. She would be sad if they were the LA Vikings. I can still see her crocodile tears after those bounty-bully New Orleans Saints beat our purple headed warriors in the 2009 NFC Championship. She was passionate like that - for better and for worse. Shannon cried about things like wins and losses. She was not a good loser.  But when she won...there was no one happier on this earth...