Christmas 2011

Shannon O'Hara spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day smothered by love.  Cousins, aunts, uncles and both sets of grandparents took turns holding her hands, telling her stories, laughing and crying...together.  All weekend our home was packed to the roof with love.
While Shannon never really opened her eyes she responded with approving nods of her head and squeezes of her left hand.  Fr. Mahon - our Pastor from St. John the Evangelist - sat with Shannon and lead a family service that has to rank among the most spiritual moments of my life.  Even Shannon gave it a good squeeze.  34 of us crowded around Shannon in our family room and prayed for a peaceful transition to her next life.  Another beautiful moment in our journey.

Now it is quiet in our house and Erin is taking her turn crying on her sister's chest.  Through sobs she told us, "I am not ready for her to go away."  We are all taking turns today.  Sometimes the tears help you power back up for more fight.  It's a Christmas none of us will ever forget.