Thursday December 22, 2011

Greetings from US Highway 218 just around Mt Pleasant Iowa.  Don't worry Jen is driving.

We are making our way.  Shannon is resting comfortably.  Erin is watching Mr. Popper's Penguins on Shannon's Ipad.

We left St. Jude's at around 11:30am.  Hope to be back on Willow Lane in Rochester around midnight.

Shannon's condition is not improving - fatigue continues to keep the Little Battler pinned down.  We had some frank discussions with Dr. Wetmore.  When we said goodbye to our sweet team - Dr. Wetmore, Nurse Vicky, and Nurse Practitioner Valerie we were hugging goodbye maybe forever.

However, our appointments are still on the books next week and with any kind of rebound we will go back.  Shannon wants to stay on the Crenolanib.  The plan is to spend time with our families over the Christmas weekend and see how it goes.  The name of the book might have to be 17 Days in Memphis.