Friday December 9, 2011

Tonight we are settled in our two bedroom apartment in the Memphis suburb of Germantown that will be home for the next two weeks. It feels really good to be "off campus". Shannon and I hadn't left the confines of St. Jude since Monday when we arrived. Our set up here is good and gives us a little more breathing room than we had at the Grizzlie House.

The best part of today was seeing our minivan roll in with Grandma, Papa and Sunny the Wonder Dog in tow. They had an uneventful adventure through Iowa and Missouri and Sunny enjoyed every minute of the ride! The girls were so happy to see Sunny and the three of them rode together in the backseat of our jam-packed van as we headed out to the burbs.

The worst part if today is how Shannon is feeling. She made it through her blood draw, EKG, and E Clinic visit this morning, but immediately needed a nap. Then after lunch and moving to our new digs, she needed a nap. She doesn't feel up to doing much, and she had a few tears today when it was too hard to concentrate to do her homework. Dizziness, numbness, and fatigue have a grip on her. We hope this is a temporary phase and that she will rebound soon so we can spend some of our free time exploring Memphis.

Tomorrow takes us back to St. Jude for the 48 hour blood draw and EKG, and then Shannon will get her second dose of chemo. The trial protocol calls for one dose, then just blood count measurements until the 48 hour mark, after which the second dose is taken. From here on out, she will take the chemo, named Crenolanib, every day.

Grandma, Erin, and I have plans to do a little shopping tomorrow while Shannon naps and then the women folk are hoping to do our traditional Christmas cookie baking tomorrow afternoon. Shannon (and Erin) seem excited about that, so I hope it's a day brightener.