Saturday December 10, 2011

Shannon's condition continues to deteriorate.  She looks like she did in late June when the after effects of radiation kicked her butt for about two weeks.  She just can't shake the fatigue and now the numbness is working its way down her right side.

Today the four of us - along with Grandma and Papa Harkins - drove back to the St. Jude campus for labs, another EKG and a second dose of the crenolanib.   Shannon told me; "if I have to feel like this for the next two years, I don't want to feel like this." 

Dr. Wetmore is in the know about Shannon's condition but wants to hold off on pumping up the steroids to make sure it's not just a virus of some kind running its course. The symptoms have been coming on over the last couple weeks. We aren't scheduled to return to St. Jude's until Tuesday.  Dr. Wetmore suspects - and we are praying - that a dead cell from the tumor or some dead cells may have triggered swelling which is causing pressure on Shannon's fifth cranial nerve.

We had to help Shannon around campus and outside this afternoon to take in some fresh Tennessee air and soak up some vitamin D.  The sun is shining bright here in the MidSouth -  it's cool but the 40 degrees felt good to us and we each took turns getting out and walking.

Grandma and Erin are baking Christmas cookies.  It smells good in here.  Jen is working on a puzzle.  Shannon is out cold on the sofa with a puke bucket close by.  No sight seeing today.