Thursday December 15, 2011

We are taking a day off from St. Jude's today. Shannon is status quo and there's nothing they would see today that they can't see tomorrow. She'll keep taking her meds and we'll keep hoping they work. She is more alert and the eye patch she is wearing is at least allowing her to watch TV and look around without feeling dizzy.

Grandma and Papa Harkins are returning to Memphis today, cutting short their sightseeing in Nashville.  We are planning for some sort of an outing this afternoon if Shannon feels up to it. She said, "Let's do something fun today." That's a good goal.

We are all processing and coping. Dealing with what we see now and what may be ahead. Trying to remain hopeful while being realistic.

KTTC and my coworker Brent Frueh did a really nice piece on the news last night about the Shannon fundraiser tomorrow at the RAC. If you didn't catch it, check it out: