Destination: Memphis

My oh my how things have changed quickly.  We are headed to Memphis on Monday.

We heard back from St. Jude's late Wednesday afternoon and Shannon was accepted for their clinical trial.  The team there feels that what they see on the MRI looks like recurrent tumor.  A new round of their receptor inhibitor trial is set to begin and Shannon can take one of the six slots available.  Immediately.

The goal of this trial is to test the safety and dosing of this oral medication that is designed to inhibit tumor cell growth and starve the tumor of nutrients by cutting off the blood pathways to the tumor.  We will learn more from Dr. Wetmore today, but the protocol is for Shannon to be in Memphis for the first 28 days of the trial for close monitoring.  Our hope is that we will get to return home for the Christmas holiday weekend and then return to St. Jude's to finish the first portion of the trial.

So, we have a lot of ground to cover over the next four days.  All four of us are going. We gave Erin the option, and she wants to be with us.  St. Jude's is helping arrange the initial trip to Memphis and housing to get us settled in down there on Monday.  Shannon is sad to be leaving school, friends, and hockey, but hopefully we will be moving back by mid January and she will feel good enough to enjoy all of those things.

Dan and I can't believe how quickly this is happening, but at least it feels like we're doing something, continuing to fight. We will update with more information as things become clearer to us.

If you are interested, here is a link to the trial site: