Wednesday December 21, 2011

At this writing we are packing up and ready to pull up stakes in Germantown TN.  Thursday morning Shannon is due for lab work for the trial.  We will leave in the morning packed for the road trip and as soon as we are dismissed from St. Jude's we will cross the bridge into Arkansas and head north for Christmas.

Shannon was wiped out today.  She never really left the sofa.  Not until bath time and then it was right to bed.  We are hopeful a patch stuck to Shannon's right arm Wednesday will keep nausea under control.  The challenge of keeping an oral 6-hour anti-nausea drug into a patient sleeping 20 hours a day made the patch a necessity.

Erin and I had another tearful pillow talk last night.  She told me she is done with Memphis.  When we come home she wants to stay home.  She's sad.  She wants her big sister back the way she was - but E knows that is unlikely and she's trying to sound out how our lives will look together in the future.  When you get that one figured out kid let us know.  She's processing.  Way not fair.

Erin's decision means Team O'Hara will skate shorthanded for next week's return to Memphis for Shannon's labs and exam.  So Shannon, Mom and Dad will party like rock stars and celebrate New Year's in Memphis (yeah right...midnight is a foreign concept)!

Jen and Shannon will stay in Memphis through the first week of January - a key MRI set for Jan 4.  I will make sales calls in Wisconsin that week and Erin will return to school (speaking of foreign concepts).  Sunny's Tennessee run is over.

OK, so now I'm selling's possible the reason Shannon is wiped out is there is a fight going on and ground zero is her brain stem.  If the Crenolanib is starving cells - as it is designed to - a reaction could be extreme exhaustion.  Either that or the Olson's just made us eat too much.

Memphis Lives in Me is a really meaningful song to this family - from Memphis the Tony Award winning musical we took in together in New York City at the end of March.  Two weeks later they found the tumor.  Ironic that now here we are in Memphis fighting for Shannon's life.