December 26, 2011

We are holding steady.  Shannon is still requiring pretty close monitoring.  A labor of love truly as friends and family take turns holding her hand, chatting with her.  Her nods and head shakes acknowledge that she is tracking.

A meeting was called tonight to address our beloved Rebels - Shannon's hockey team.  All players and all parents lined the benches in locker room #3 in Graham #2 tonight.  Jen and I told the girls and their parents about Shannon's status and her future...our future as a family.  Our friend Kelli P - who has a day job as a Mayo Clinic social worker - volunteered to come along for the meeting.  The message to the girls was this; what would Shannon do?  She would want them to play hard, have fun, win games, be kind to each other.  Not necessarily in that order. Kelli told them it is OK to feel sad, sick, sleepless.  Erin O'Hara even chimed in to tell the group Shannon is not having much fun right now and that the next stage will be a good one for her sister. Damn.  We love those Rebels.

Tuesday we will meet with hospice people from Mayo Clinic.