Wednesday December 28, 2011

There have certainly been some changes in Shannon's breathing patterns but she remains stable - and most important - resting peacefully.  Our hospice nurse Diane came and spent time here today.  O'Hara visits on her schedule for Thursday and Friday as well.  I am almost wrote God willing.  But God's will is a real mystery to us right now.

Some of our dearest friends are trickling through and taking turns holding Shannon and sitting with her.  She is less responsive and the squeeze replies are less frequent.  Our friends keep apologizing for their tears and we keep telling them it is OK.  Truly, there is something comforting about seeing people weep for you and your child.  They care so deeply.  Oddly, I draw strength from it.  Every once in a while Jen and me and Erin will join in.  But you can't really be like that all day so you take turns.

Erin took off to hang out with some basketball buds - holiday tournament time for the high schooler's so the girls are hanging out at Mayo Auditorium.  She needs this.  She is well tended to.  Erin may choose to sleep away from home.  That's her call.

It's a bizzarro world we are living in today.  All I know is that people seem better when they leave then when they get here.  Shannon still has that way about her.