Thursday Post #2

Shannon has had a pretty good rebound day.  Heaven can wait.

There were eyes open responses and more attempts at communicating words.  Her sock was bugging her and it took about five tries before we realized she was saying "toe".  Really frustrating for me and Jen but I can't imagine the agony Shannon must feel trying to get enough air in her lungs to create a sound.  Only to have us respond; "I didn't understand you Sweetie." Shocking stuff if you had interacted with her within the last month or two.  Tonight she was able to communicate that she was craving a Diet Coke.  Morphine and Diet Coke. Did we mention that we are living in bizzarro world?

The Wild game is on the TV and Shannon seems to be looking in that direction.  We have the sound up.  The Wild are playing Edmonton at the X.  34 days ago Shannon and I watched the Wild play Edmonton at the X - sweet seats too.  That was the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Might as well have been a million years ago.

I wanted to take a second to talk about Erin O who had a great little getaway from our home hospice to hang out with her friend Lexie.  Lexie's dad Shaun is the Boys Basketball Coach at Mayo HS so the girls were able to sit on the bench and tend to water duties as the Spartans scored a win over JM.
Ms. Erin continues to carry around an amazing amount of confidence and perspective considering that her heart is being ripped in two as her big sister keeps slipping away right in front of her eyes.  But she loves friends and fun - as a 10 year old should - and her time with the Lang's lasted through two basketball games a sleepover and a baking session.  Not once did she call to say she was sad or wanted to come home.  From all indications Erin is going to be OK.