Really early Saturday December 31, 2011

Shannon seems to be settling into a pattern of finding peak alertness at 3am.  So here I am taking a shift and she's back asleep and I am stuck here with my thoughts.  She just clearly told me; "food"..."shake"..."shake"...

So, I'm up making a milk shake at 3:30 in the morning.  I sprinkled a little hot cocoa packet with some pepermint flavoring in with some ice cream and skim milk and the kid just killed it.  Before dozing back to sleep she mustered up a slurred "thank you".  How great is that?

I'm going to make some observations about human nature.  I do not want people to overreact.  I'm reminded of the big voice out of the sky from Field of Dreams, "If you blog it, they will come".  So I have to be a little careful of what I write so as not to offend.  But maybe it will offer some insight into our view of the world from our Willow Lane Hospice.
  • People like to bring stuff.  They don't know what else to do to help ease your burden so they drop off nuts, pasta, deserts, breads, chickens, chocolate bars, peanut brittle, fudge, soda's.  Nobody brings beer anymore.  I guess that's OK.
  • People need to tell you: "We are thinking of you and your family constantly".  I guess that's a good thing too.  There's really no downside to telling us that.  We really can't believe people are thinking about us as much as they are but they are.  Heck, I'm not thinking about us that much.
  • People are compelled to fill "dead air".  Talk sometimes is a release for nervous energy.  I spent 13 years in broadcasting and in that business "dead air" is the enemy.  But in our world sometimes some quiet reflection is OK.  We don't always need to be talking.  Sometimes just sharing the same air, the same space, enjoying a moment in time is good enough.
  • People are really sad for us.  There is so much compassion for our situation out there it blows you away.  People are kind.
I truly believe I am the lucky one because I get to be with Shannon and Erin and Jen each and every day.  Our families and friends seem to feel better when they get to be around the girls and their energy.  They generally give off a pretty peaceful vibe.  Shannon is stirring again... "more water..."