Thursday December 1, 2011

We are completely blown away - again - at the kindness of people in our lives. Word of our Memphis journey has circulated quickly and the offers are pouring in from everywhere.

17 people have offered to take care of our dog. Six have offered to drive her down to Memphis with clothes and supplies and whatever it is we have requested. Several have offered to dress our home up for Christmas Griswold style. People are dropping off chili and rice krispie bars and my mother-in-law has volunteered to do my laundry.

We have Mayo Clinic employees helping us way beyond the call of duty. Erin's basketball team gave her two extra lives in lightning at basketball practice. Shannon's Rebels are planning a going away pizza party.

And then there are the teary-eyed staffers at Willow Creek Middle School who are going to incredible lengths to make sure our kids will keep up with their classmates. Next time there is a bond referendum - shut up and vote yes. These people are heroes.

I just wanted to take a second to recognize these efforts. Everyone wants to help. We are blown out of the water. You are making the difference. You are making it better for us.

I just told a friend that the hardest part is seeing pain in the faces of the people you love. This business of getting to Memphis and fighting the fight is an action plan. That is the easy part. We will be busy and on an adventure together.

The next few days will be hard. And then we are off to Memphis. I will let Jen update everyone on St. Jude's tomorrow. I just wanted to say thank you and good night.