January 1, 2012

Norah Jones is providing accompaniment on a somber New Years Day.  The Shannon O'Hara Victory Tour is drawing to a close.  Most everyone that needed to hold her, hold us has been through.  We're not feeling too social anymore.

Shannon still reflexively asks for "water" but there's no way she knows what she wants.  She was able to get out the word "bored" early Sunday morning.  Now with midday approaching she is back to sleep.  Thank God.  Her ability to swallow is more limited than ever.  She managed to communicate to my sister Molly that the feeling of hunger never goes away.  Hungry and bored.  Can that suck anymore?

We need to find a way to capture the ground swell of Shannon support and keep it going and channeled into something sustainable.  Something productive for all of us to feel like we fought a good fight and will carry on fighting.  I suppose this is what all families that lose a loved one to cancer go through.  So I guess that is my New Year's resolution.

Earlier this week...Thursday I believe...Shannon was asking what day it a was and asked about "football?"  Today, the NFL regular season draws to close and I'm not sure our little angel knows the difference.

Norah Jones is crooning What am I to You?

When you are feeling low
To whom else do you go?
See I cry if you hurt
I'd give you my last shirt
Because I love you so

Not much more to say folks.  Prayers for strength and mercy.