Sunday January 8, 2012

There were a few tears shed today, but it was a mostly good day. I think we need to get used to that - mostly good. We had our moments, though, especially this morning over coffee.

Dan awoke thinking about Shannon's best buddies. They were headed to Faribault to play basketball and Dan wanted to check in and see how they were doing. Hearing their voices - and their pain - brought tears to our eyes. They have all suffered a great loss in their lives, too. Dan did his best to encourage and console them.

I awoke thinking about milestones, those markers in time that our children reach, and the sobering reality that Shannon's journey is over. I was thinking about those same best buddies - and all of Shannon's classmates - and what it will feel like when they reach one of these milestones: next fall when they enter high school, or when they turn 16 and I see them driving around town, or when they graduate. Watching the class of 2016 graduate will be tough. Shannon will be 13 forever.

After our somber morning, things improved. Walks in the unseasonably warm January weather with Sunny helped us to clear our minds and invigorate our bodies.  A steady stream of family began arriving and those who live far away were glad to see us and hug us. 

Final preparations we did today for the upcoming services have us feeling like we are as ready as we can be for what's ahead. Another day behind us. We are holding up and holding on...