Thursday January 26, 2012

There is a pairing of bald eagles that live in the neighborhood.  There is much green space in close proximity, lots of trees to perch but most important the Willow Creek Reservoir just to the west fed by streams and creeks.  Our street - Willow Lane - is a flyway for the beautiful birds to get to the reservoir from their nest just about a half mile east of our home.

It seems as though the eagles show up in some of my most spiritual moments.  Tuesday I was hiking around the reservoir with Coach Bart and the male was perched in a tree just off the path we were walking - no more than 20 feet up in the tree.  As we approached I was sure he was going to flee.  But he never did.  He just looked at us as we walked by.  We stopped in our tracks and just looked up and I said; "How ya doin, Shannon?"

To me the eagles represent Shannon's spirit set free and watching over us.

This morning Erin pulled the covers over her head when I came down the second time to get her out of bed.  When she came up for breakfast she was quiet and told us she was sad.  We tried to rally her with mini-waffles and some light conversation about the school day ahead and our plans for the next day or two.  But she was struggling.

So we drove Erin to school - all 3 of us together - and as we took a left out of Willow Lane the eagle soared right over us...low to the ground...Shannon was there as we embarked on another day.