Sunday January 22, 2012

A sleep-in Sunday morning at Casa O'Hara.  It seems as though we have been on-the-go from the moment the alarm sounds.  Erin might sleep til 10.  She's earned it.

Jen and I are in separate parts of the house because of a media blackout - she has Roger Federer's Aussie Open 3rd round match on DVR.  She just told me Fed is rolling.  So I suspect she will be up shortly.

Quiet reflection is feeling good so far.  My music shuffle has been finding some mellow tunes.  Hall and Oates Abandoned Luncheonette is currently playing.  Day-to-day, today today...

For the past two weekends we have been in gyms - not rinks - following Erin's basketball team and while it has represented a major shift it has been fun.  Like Shannon, Erin loves being on a team.  Loves the social.  And like Shannon, Erin is a natural leader.  Being a 6th grader is the easiest part of her new gig.

Saturday the Spartans really showed some guts winning a semi-final and then in the Big 9 Championship they gutted out a win against a team they were dominated by last weekend.  That's fun.  Good teams find ways to win even when they are over matched.  We have a few weekends of tourney play left in the season.  It will be over in the blink of an eye. 

Our Rebels squad continues to struggle to win games but I suspect they have developed a bond that will live within them for a long time.  They are playing in a tournament in St. Paul this weekend. We've been getting texts with game updates.  I told Coach Bart this week that I will not be returning to the Rebels bench - I need to give Erin everything I have at this time in her life.  A sad realization - but I think the right thing to do.  Jen and I will attend as many Rebels games as we can here down the stretch.  Love those girls.

Erin has some homework to attend to today.  The 2nd quarter ends this week at Willow Creek Middle School.  Have a good thought for E as I know she is anxious about how this will end - we were gone for a good portion of the quarter.

I'm going to ease into some sales travel this week.  But I'm just not quite ready for another 4-day week on the road.  Baby steps.  That will come.  This business of healing, coping, grieving is a process and we are just getting started.  I feel pretty good today so far.

Day-to-day, today today...