Thursday January 12, 2012

We are dipping our toes back into reality. We started last night with basketball practice for Erin, or "Smiley" as her teammates call her. She was quiet on the way there, but once she was surrounded by her friends, she relaxed and maybe realized that they are carrying on and she can, too. Yet another new normal, this one the hardest of them all.

Today marks the first day back to school. While Erin is apprehensive about the attention and the "pity" as she described it, we must take these baby steps back into life. Dan is planning to travel for work next week. As for me, well, I haven't figured out what's next. I guess for now, I'm here encouraging and supporting Erin and Dan as they forge ahead. Is that enough?

We are still working through opening all the cards and gifts we received. Absolutely amazing. The funeral home directors said they've never seen anything like it. All these cards and the handwritten messages inside - especially the ones from friends and classmates of Shannon's - are bringing us to tears. All part of the process, I suppose.

Dan and I have been discussing this blog and what to do with it. We still feel we have things to say as we sort through the end of Shannon's life and the beginning of life without her, but it feels a bit narcissistic to continue writing now that she's gone. We are torn because this blog has been such a big part of our journey and such a big coping mechanism for us. It feels too soon to stop. We won't blog forever, but we are not quite finished...