Thursday January 5, 2012

First off; big props to Ms. Erin for suiting up and showing up. She rallied today to climb out of bed in the dark and dress for school. Ate some breakfast. Took the bus at 6:47. I know kids do this everyday. But this kid is facing some extraordinary circumstances and still finding a way to face the world. On her basketball team her nickname is "Smiley". Love that kid.

Jen and I were able to get more sleep last night. Just because Shannon has slept. Pretty non-responsive again this morning. Please God let today be her day to come to heaven.

People are doing a pretty good job of giving us space. The text messages and emails slowed but that's also because people are back at work and school. I have no problem with those types of communications. I like them and they give me strength.

I have forced myself to read up on the dying experience. Shannon is following the script. Eyes now glassy, teary and slightly opened even at rest. Breathing shallow and intermittent. But here we are standing (or sitting) vigil for another day. Knowing Shannon, she is probably still negotiating terms of her next life.

I made contact with three dear friends Wednesday. All three reached out understanding where we are in this process. All three lived our hell. In different ways, each watched loved ones die. They just wanted us to know that they were feeling our pain. Misery loves company, I guess. Again, strength comes from many sources and right now we are trying to find another vein.