Sunday Morning

Did anyone notice the atmospheric tussle that took place over the final days of Shannon's life on this earth?

As the cancer in her brain took control the winds howled. Blew down the "We heart Shannon" Christmas sign on our deck three times. We pieced it back together with some nails and used heavy objects to keep it in place only to wake up to find it blown down again.

Thursday night, in Shannon O'Hara's final hours on this earth, the sunset created a most spectacular canopy of color to the west. And Friday morning's sunrise was breathtaking.

And since Shannon left this life on Friday morning there has been calm. The forecast through Tuesday looks fabulous. The wee hours of this morning are so bright. I just did a quick Google search to check moon phases. The first article I find explains, "As the full moon approaches, the brightness of the moon tends to grab our attention". The moon will be full Monday January 9.

And on the 7th day...actually Sunday is the 8th of January it is going to be sunny and 40 with light south winds. We have no snow on the ground. In Minnesota. January.

I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking it.

And just now, the Minneapolis StarTribune is being delivered to our mailbox. Today's edition of the Sunday Strib includes Shannon's obit.